Hello! I'm Katie the mastermind behind ‘Forever Visuals’. My little company was created when my sister allowed me to capture her wedding day back in 2014. The response I'd received from that video was overwhelming and thought ‘hey, why not give this a go!’

4 years down the line and I've been incredibly lucky to be a part of so many couples special day. I work in a very unobtrusive way, capturing the day as it happens. The cameras that I use is dinky. I often get mistaken for a photographer, the reaction on peoples faces when we say it’s video is classic, makes a good blooper reel!

Outside of weddings you’ll often see my other half cycling or running and me miles behind struggling to keep up. I love to travel, however, if a plane is involved, you’ll usually find me gripping onto the armchair for dear life. If I'm not doing either of those things, I'll be playing Overwatch on the PlayStation.

Now I could go on and on telling you about me but I thought, I'm videographer, why not show you! Below is a wee collection of footage captured on our holidays backpacking around Europe and in Iceland.

*All footage was recorded on GoPro for fun, so please do not judge our videography skills based on that video.